Mobility expertise

APRR finances, builds, maintains and manages motorways and toll structures entrusted to it by the State, in exchange for toll payments. Under the terms of the concession agreements, APRR makes significant investments along its 2,323 km network. The company strives to preserve the assets entrusted to it, improve the travel experience and satisfy customers’ new mobility requirements. APRR’s 3,500 employees provide efficient transport infrastructures and assist customers at every stage of their journey, keeping motorists safe, informed and comfortable.
“The French motorway model works. We’ve demonstrated it, and the figures prove it. In France, the motorway remains five times safer than the secondary network, even though the number of drivers using our network is constantly increasing (long-term trend of increasing traffic figures). As such, all APRR employees strive to increase satisfaction and ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of our customers. We continue our efforts and make permanent investments so that our network enters a new era at the service of its travellers.”

Philippe Nourry
Président-directeur général d’APRR

Mobility, safety and customer service

APRR harnesses its expertise to achieve clear goals:
  • build a network that brings people and communities closer
  • modernise and enhance safety of motorway infrastructure, 
  • support customers at each stage of their journey.

APRR is structured as a group consisting of the eponymous company, APRR, and a subsidiary serving the Rhônes-Alpes region, AREA. The Group invests heavily to satisfy its customers’ needs. Between 2006 and 2011, APRR invested €2,400 million. Through this effort, the Group has got traffic flowing more smoothly, improved access to the motorways and enhanced the service provided to communities.
Under the terms of the 2014-2018 planning contracts, APRR is also investing €500 million in infrastructure improvements. As part of the motorway regeneration plan agreed with the French government in April 2015, APRR has committed to investments totalling an additional €719 million by 2021

APRR anticipates changing mobility requirements and imagines how we will travel in the future. The Group is offering new services, including installing electric vehicle recharging terminals, creating purpose-designed car parks to facilitate car pooling, and developing mobile apps to relay useful information to customers in real time.   

Men and women making travel better

APRR’s 3,500 employees are dedicated to our customers and network. This figure represents more than one employee per kilometre of motorway. 
Our businesses demand a very diverse range of expertise in order to fulfil APRR’s changing missions: engineering, maintenance, environmental protection, development of services, customer relations, etc.
More than 200 different field- and office-based professions work together to make sure that every journey is safe, problem-free and pleasant.

A strategic 2,323 km network

APRR operates a dense, well-meshed network in the heart of Europe. Its strategic location ensures significant trade, tourist and commuter traffic flows.

The network lets motorists travel:
  • between Paris and Lyon via eight routes
  • between Burgundy and Northern Europe: A31 & A36
  • through the Rhône-Alpes region: A40, A42, A46, A432, A41, A43, A48, A49 & A51 Nord
  • through central France: A77, A71, A714 & A719.

The support of a large group

The APRR Group, consisting of the company of the same name, APRR, and its Rhône-Alpes subsidiary AREA, is owned by Eiffarie (itself indirectly owned by Eiffage, the majority shareholder, Atlas Arteria, and other investment funds).

AREA - an APRR subsidiary

AREA develops and manages a 414 km network interlinking the principal cities of the Rhône-Alpes region: Lyon and Annecy, Chambéry, Grenoble and Valence. AREA provides travellers with links to Switzerland and Italy, via the Mont-Blanc and Fréjus tunnels, and provides convenient access to the world’s largest ski domain. 
AREA is a shareholder of ADELAC (Autoroute des deux lacs): the A41 Nord, Liane, is a 19 km motorway link between Saint-Julien-en-Genevois and Villy-le-Pelloux/Saint-Martin-Bellevue.

Subsidiaries and participating interests

APRR also owns several subsidiaries that provide specific services, such as motorway radio (SIRA, Autoroute Info) and secure HGV parking facilities (Park +). APRR is a shareholder in the onboard electronic toll payment system for HGVs (Axxès). APRR, alongside Groupama, is a shareholder in the Centaure safety awareness centres. 

Lastly, APRR is a shareholder of Autoroutes Trafic, an entity originally established as an economic interest grouping (GIE) in 2003, before being reorganised in January 2006 as a partnership (SNC) between nine French motorway companies. Autoroutes Trafic collects traffic data from road and motorway network managers and develops multimedia services intended for the general public. 

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