APRR voted Best Employer from 2015 to 2021

Fostering professional fulfilment

APRR takes a wide range of steps to enable all its employees to develop their careers within the company, including careers support, focus on internal mobility, a comprehensive training policy and the promotion of diversity and equal opportunities throughout their professional lives.
Recognising its personnel’s commitment, APRR has adopted a strong employee savings plan policy which has become a key feature of the Group. APRR employees share in Eiffage’s profits and growth via incentive bonuses and employee savings plan subscriptions. 
This caring human resources policy is reflected in the Group’s very low annual personnel turnover of less than 2.5%.

The HR Director’s message

"APRR draws its strength from its employees working throughout its network, at its technical units and in its administrative services and who are constantly at the service of its customers.
Our key values are respect, dialogue, transparency and individual responsibility. These values are focused on satisfying our local, national and international customers.
The Human Resources Department takes a wide range of steps to help APRR’s employees enhance their skills in their current jobs or to promote their development and enable them to take up new occupations.
The key priorities of our human resources policy are spotting our employees’ potential, providing tools for their personal development, fostering new professional orientations and facilitating mobility. The HR department achieves those goals by mobilising its head office and regional teams and with the backing of a training budget which is one of the largest in this business sector.
We invite you to browse through the following sections to learn more about mobility, training and skills management at APRR."
Human Resources Director


Group acclaimed by its employees

APRR was designated best employer in its business sector and 13th overall out of 400 participant companies following a survey for Capital magazine, conducted by Institut Statista in February 2015. 

This classification, on a scale unparalleled in France, is based on scores given to their firms by more than 30,000 employees. To ensure that the survey’s impartiality, employees were polled anonymously without the knowledge of their employers, unlike most studies of this type. 
A strong position over few years, in february 2021, the company retains the first place in the business, and making the 23rd place of best companies highly rated at the national level.

For APRR, this survey result comes as recognition of the policies it implements in the fields of personnel integration, support, training, diversity, professional equality, optimal inclusion of disabled employees and its employee savings scheme. It is also seen as an encouragement to continue the efforts made to help all employees find an ideal place in the Group.

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