A43 La Tour-du-Pin Est

Providing direct access to the motorway

The partial junction project for La Tour-du-Pin Est was a response to the needs and requirements of local authorities, local people and businesses.
Partial junction No. 9.1 serving Lyon opened to traffic on 22 December 2014, providing direct access to the motorway network from the east of La Tour-du-Pin. It also enables local authorities to prohibit passage through their towns to heavy vehicles arriving from Les Abrets. Instead they have to use the motorway.
There are considerable benefits for local people, in terms of safety and quality of life.

Project overview
  • Construction of a partial junction (No. 9.1) on the A43 towards Lyon
  • Comprising an entrance on the A43 towards Lyon for vehicles using the RD 1006 main road, and an exit at La Tour-du-Pin for vehicles on the A43 from Lyon
  •  Toll station: two lanes per carriageway
  • Compatible with rail construction projects planned by Réseau Ferré de France
  • Communes concerned: Saint-Didier-de-La-Tour and La Tour-du-Pin, in Isère.

  • Cost: €8.3 million
  • Funding: 70% from Isère General Council, 30% from Les Vallons de La Tour-du-Pin district authority

Who does what?
  • Contracting authority: AREA
  • Operations conducted by: AREA – Major investments and development department
  • Project manager: APRR Group – Engineering and information systems department

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