A €719 million investment

On 9 April 2015, the concession operators and the French government agreed a  motorway stimulus plan involving a total investment of €3.2 billion. The aim of this plan is to modernise the motorway networks while supporting employment in the public works and service sectors.
Under the plan, APRR and its subsidiary AREA will invest €719 million  and operate an additional 35 km of motorway, raising the total length of the APRR network to 2,323 km.
In parallel to this investment, the motorway regeneration plan  extends the concession agreements until 2035 and 2036, for APRR and AREA, respectively.

Financing new infrastructures and services

DAs part of the motorway regeneration plan, APRR is to finance the construction of five flagship projects:
  • development of the Grenoble urban crossing 
  • development of the three-lane A75 motorway south of Clermont-Ferrand 
  • interconnection between the Central Europe Atlantic Road (RCEA) and the APRR network in two locations: via the A406 Ouest near Mâcon and the A71 in Montmarault
  • a system of interchanges between the A36 motorway, RN 1019 main road and RD 437 secondary road near Belfort.
APRR has committed to developing commercial measures and support initiatives to  encourage customers to adopt innovative means of travel and promote ecomobility (car pooling, offers for young road users, electric vehicles and long-distance coaches).

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