2014-2018 Management Contracts

A €500 million investment

The concession contracts agreed by the French government and APRR in 2001 are supplemented by two five-year management contracts, one concerning APRR, the other AREA. These contracts stipulate the investment in the network required from the Group in exchange for new toll pricing formulas that were introduced in 2014 and will remain in force until 2018.

In all, over the period 2014-2018, APRR will have invested €500 million to improve the services provided by its network.

Accelerating development of the network

The 2014-2018 management contracts defined with the French State call for capital investment totalling €500 million from APRR, to accelerate network development and modernisation, particularly in the areas of environmental compliance and customer service. They also provide for tunnel safety improvement works on the A40 motorway.
Under the plan, APRR is to carry out five major development projects:
  • commissioning of a  link road between the end of the A89 motorway in La-Tour-de-Salvagny and the A6 (6 km, €100 million)
  • phase one of the project to  upgrade the A43-A41-Chambéry expressway motorway interchange
  • three road widening projects: a 12 km section of the A6 motorway near Auxerre (southbound carriageway), 5 km on the A71 near Gannat, north of  Clermont-Ferrand (northbound carriageway) and 6 km on the A41 north of Annecy (both carriageways).

Continuously expanding service offering

APRR intends to maintain its focus on  developing services for customers, including:
  • expanding lorry parking provision 
  • displaying information on available spaces 
  • rolling out WiFi at motorway areas 
  • reconfiguring 70% of rest areas  
  • creating dedicated car parks for car poolers 
  • rolling out electric vehicle recharging stations across the whole network.

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