Enhancement, modernisation and development

The concession model defining the rules of the French motorway system makes APRR a developer. Our mission: to bring people and regions together. To achieve this, we constantly adapt and modernise our network. We dedicate substantial amounts to modernising and developing the network.

Between 2006 and 2021, €4.2 billion was invested in creating new access points or junctions, improving the number of lanes, resurfacing and other roadworks and bringing sections newly granted by the State into line with standards. And the investment effort will continue in the coming years to maintain the good condition of the network and to respond to the State’s complementary requirements.

The number of customers in the network is increasing and means of travel are changing, with the development of car pooling, changes in rush hours, increased needs for multi-modal transport, and sharp growth in urban logistics, etc. At APRR we anticipate these developments in order to offer the infrastructures and services best suited to our customers’ expectations.


The Group invests in infrastructure development, to cope with growth in traffic and to ensure smooth, pleasant driving conditions for customers. 
In order to successfully complete all of its projects under the supervision of the French State and to ensure that the motorway serves the public interest, APRR operates in partnership with all other stakeholders.


APRR invests in the network to protect the assets entrusted to the Group and address future mobility needs. APRR improves travelling conditions for customers not only by carrying out everyday maintenance and servicing, but also by building new developments.
Between 2006 and 2011, APRR invested €2,400 million building new links and upgrading existing infrastructures. An additional €1,200 million is to be invested in the network by 2021.