Since 2016 we have been actively working to create and disseminate a culture of innovation to which all departments contribute. We invite each employee to participate in this group innovation policy because we are convinced of the strength of a collaborative model to prepare for tomorrow’s motorways and their services.

Internal collaborative competition is promoted thanks in particular to a digital tool called “”. This is a digital ideas box promoting participatory innovation, the aim of which is to include employees in the innovation process through participation in mobilising campaigns.
The 2020 campaign was centred on developing a customer culture, in 2019, it was low-carbon, while 2018 focused on the prevention of pedestrian movements. The three winners of each challenge are given the opportunity to develop their ideas with the participation of the think tank, an internal innovation accelerator. Comprising 16 people representing all the departments, the think tank accompanies the exploration of the winning ideas with a view to trialling and then deploying them in the group.

This support is reflected by the co-creation and co-development of ideas with external partners. Since 2016, we have been nurturing partnerships with various external organisations to co-create and co-innovate on a variety of themes. The aim is to build relations with agile and innovative partners, based on a win-win model. The partnerships often give rise “open innovation”, which consists in involving third parties outside the group to better stimulate and develop collective intelligence.

In 2019, APRR group held a student challenge with the Institut de Formation aux Affaires et à la Gestion (IFAG - Business and Business Control Training Institute), with an ambitious project called K-Innov. This immersive project saw work in the 3rd year of bachelor’s studies at the IFAG focused on “the services at tomorrow’s service areas”, supporting students in producing creative and innovative deliverables.