Motorway driving : a fresh experience

Not content with a safe, smooth journey, APRR customers want a travel experience. Mobility requirements and customer expectations are changing, prompting the emergence of new technologies. To respond to these challenges, APRR regularly updates its service offering. 

To reduce delays at toll barriers, the Group is rolling out drive-through tolls, already available at 43 of the network’s 150 toll stations. Enabling motorists to move through toll barriers more quickly smooths traffic flows and delivers fuel savings for customers.
A new generation of service areas is being developed, more welcoming and offering a wider range of services. 
The number of secure parking spaces at reserved for car pooling and heavy goods vehicles at motorway areas is being increased.

A new generation of motorway areas for new uses

APRR is renewing its service and rest areas, offering motorists unprecedented services; The Chaponne area on the A6 motorway near Avallon, designed by the designer Ora-Ito, is a prime example.
The network’s new areas are lively, welcoming places offering a wide range of services. They include "mobile areas” where customers can recharge their mobile phone or PC. The new areas provide WiFi access and feature meeting rooms equipped with photocopiers to optimise business travel.
Expanded catering offering: fast food, table service, new chains (Paul, Hippopotamus, Burger King), etc. The wide choice ensures that everyone will find something to their taste. 
New services - Relais Colis package collection points, post boxes, laundromat, photo booths, digital photo printing terminals, DVD rentals - let motorists enjoy their journey while also making everyday purchases.
APRR is supporting new means of travel by equipping its motorway areas with fast-charging stations for electric vehicles. The Group provides designated parking spaces for car pooling and is increasing its provision of secure lorry parking facilities via its specialist subsidiary, Park+.

Making travel even easier

APRR is rolling out electronic toll solutions, simplifying toll payments and saving customers time. Drivers with an electronic toll badge can use specially equipped lanes in which the toll barrier lifts automatically as they approach, enabling motorists to drive straight through with no need to stop. 

Electronic toll badges, which can be used throughout the French motorway network and most car parks, also enable the holder to easily keep track of their travel costs.

To date, 43 toll stations have been equipped with non stop electronic toll payment solutions. This system is becoming increasingly popular. APRR will therefore continue to develop it.

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