Putting commitments into practice

APRR operates a corporate social responsibility policy based on the core values and commitments adopted by Eiffage regarding respect for people, the environment and subcontractors. 

The main aims of Eiffage’s sustainable development policy are as follows:
  • Expand our  contribution to society (partners, communities and purchasing)
  • Reduce our ecological footprint
  • Develop strong energy performance
  • Preserve our values: employment, training, risk prevention, social dialogue, employee share ownership, etc.

Principles and commitments, in France and around the world

Since 2011, the basic principles of Eiffage’s ethical approach have been highlighted in its Ethics & Commitments Guide. The Charter of Values and Mission Statement included in this guide has served as a common, unifying foundation for all Eiffage entities since 1991. The Charter, which was reiterated and updated in 2008, states the fundamental values underpinning Eiffage’s commitments to internal and external stakeholders. 

Respect for people

The Charter of Values and Mission Statement is based on international principles and commitments relating to respect for the individual:
  • International labour standards
  • Health and safety
  • Prevention of discrimination
  • No offshoring
  • No undocumented workers
  • No child labour 

Respect for suppliers
  • Purchasing policy
  • Purchasing code of conduct
  • Respect for subcontractors

Respect for the environment

APRR agrees to comply with French and international regulations relating to environmental protection:
  • Group Environmental Policy
  • National Biodiversity Strategy Commitment
  • Biodiversity and Aquatic Habitats Charter
  • GEODE Biodiversity Toolkit

International commitments
  • Global Impact
  • Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Business & Biodiversity Offsets Programme (BBOP)

Fair competitive practices and fraud prevention

APRR upholds the principles of fair competitive practices and fraud prevention:
  • Compliance with rules (competition, insider trading, spheres of influence)
  • Prevention of conflicts of interest (relationships with third parties, sponsorship policy, employees’ public activities)
  • Prevention of corruption (bribery, gifts, international activities)

  • Internal controls
  • Whistleblowing
  • Fact-checking for annual reports

Sustainable development : APRR’s 10 commitments

In 2005, APRR adopted 10 commitments to promote sustainable development. These commitments reflect the Group’s determination to consolidate its environmental, economic and social performance, and to achieve the degree of maturity desired by Eiffage. The commitments, which are set out in a multi-year action plan, concern customers, employees, the environment, areas and communities served or crossed by the network, suppliers and managers of commercial enterprises at motorway areas. They all reflect the Group’s attitude and practices in the area of sustainable development, and in particular:
  • Acting to preserve biodiversity and the living environment, when designing and building structures and throughout their subsequent operation, in liaison with other stakeholders
  • Managing the carbon footprint generated by building and operating motorways, and improving the energy efficiency of the Group’s facilities
  • Continuing to assess the socioeconomic and environmental effects of motorways, in order to better understand the health impacts of motorway-related activities
  • Helping to develop projects that facilitate multimodal transport.

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