A policy of individually-defined remuneration and benefits

APRR implements a comprehensive policy of providing its employees with remuneration and social benefits rewarding their skills and results. This policy leads to salary increases via general and individual pay rises on the basis of employees’ commitment and performance.

In line with its social responsibility commitments, the company places the principles of fairness and professional equality at the heart of its policy on salaries and social benefits.

The employee share ownership scheme is a key part of Eiffage and APRR policy. Employees of APRR share in Eiffage’s profits and growth via profit-sharing, incentive bonuses and employee savings plan subscriptions. 

Promoting the commitment of one and all via the employee savings scheme

The company’s success depends on the commitment of its employees. To promote their commitment, APRR implements an ambitious policy featuring an employee savings scheme. 
Employee share ownership is a key part of Eiffage’s identity. By enabling employees to become shareholders, it enables them to build personal savings and enhances cohesion within the Group’s teams. Eiffage’s employee shareholding scheme is unparalleled in Europe with more than 60,000 employees (80% of the total workforce) together owning nearly 30% of the Group’s equity. 

Every year, APRR pays its employees benefits on their investment according to the company’s profits. The Group also distributes an incentive bonus encouraging employees’ involvement in its results and development.
APRR also offers attractive savings plans. This diversified investment scheme enables personnel to invest bonuses, dividends or personal funds.

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