Opening a third lane between Montbéliard and Voujeaucourt

APRR opened a third lane on the motorway between Montbéliard and Voujeaucourt on 15 November 2013. People living in the Belfort-Montbéliard urban area now have a motorway that is smoother flowing, cleaner and pleasanter for both users and nearby residents. 

Built in the 1970s, this motorway – the A36 linking Beaune and Mulhouse – makes a vital contribution to the economy in eastern France. It has become one of the busiest routes for trade, industry and tourism between Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain.
Today, it carries more than 35,000 vehicles travelling between Montbéliard Centre (junction 8) and Montbéliard Sud (junction 7) and 30,000 vehicles between Montbéliard Sud (junction 8) and Voujeaucourt (junction 6.1).
Traffic forecasts for 2018 had shown that, in the medium term, the section between Montbéliard Centre and Voujeaucourt would have to cope with traffic volumes exceeding its present capacity. In fact, the point of saturation has already almost been reached on the Montbéliard Centre - Montbéliard Sud section.

Improvement work had be carried out to prevent traffic conditions from getting steadily worse, with the following consequences:
  • Increasingly difficult access to the urban area’s trading estates and residential areas;
  • Longer travelling times for commuters;
  • Worsening traffic conditions for through traffic;
  • Greater risk of accidents, especially at junctions;
  • Serious degradation of living conditions for people living near the A36 (notably owing to increasing noise levels).

Aims of motorway widening:
  • Optimise journey times for local users travelling to and from work and leisure activities;
  • Enhancing comfort for motorists and nearby residents;
  • Improving safety;
  • Controlling environmental impacts.

Project summary
  • 7-km long section
  • External widening to provide a third lane
  • Doubling the capacity of the Arbouans and Belchamp viaducts
  • Modifying the layout of the Montbéliard Centre junction (No. 8)
  • Improving junctions at Montbéliard Sud (No. 7) and Voujeaucourt (No. 6.1)
  • Sound-proofing barriers along nearly 40% of the section
  •  A double concrete barrier between the two carriageways
  • 5 water treatment basins
  • Work carried out between April 2011 and end of 2013

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