Improving traffic flow between the A43 and A432 motorways

The junction between the A43 (Lyon-Chambéry) and A432 (Lyon east bypass) motorways is a point of convergence between traffic from the north and east of the Lyon urban area and from the Alps. In order to cope with these increasing traffic flows, AREA improved this motorway junction by increasing its capacity, so getting traffic flowing more smoothly and enhancing the safety of users.

Project overview

Creation of a 2-lane spur, in the direction of the A432 (Saint Exupéry) towards the A43 (Chambéry-Grenoble).
Widening of the existing spur to 2 lanes, in the direction of the A43 (Chambéry-Grenoble) towards the A432 (Saint Exupéry).

  • Cost: €20 million
  • Funding: 100% AREA

Who does what?
  • Contracting authority: AREA
  • Operations conducted by: AREA – Major investments and development department
  • Project manager: APRR Group – Engineering and information systems department

Our publications

The A43-A432 motorway intersection was commissioned on 15 November 2013.