Extension of existing A719 motorway to west Vichy

Built and operated by APRR, the A719 motorway was commissioned on Monday, 12 January 2015. The 24-km Gannat-Vichy section has extended the existing A719 to the west side of Vichy.
The Ebreuil partial junction (No. 13) on the A719 motorway was completed with two new spurs on 28 November 2014. This junction allows motorists to avoid crossing Gannat and so cut their travelling time by taking a bypass. The benefits for the people of Gannat include lighter traffic in the town centre and, therefore, improved safety and living conditions.

Project overview
  • 24 kilometres of new motorway
  • 6 communes crossed: Gannat, Monteignet-sur-l'Andelot, Cognat-Lyonne, Espinasse-Vozelle, Saint-Pont, Vendat
  • Addition of partial junctions serving the RD998 road (Ebreuil) and the RD2009 road (Gannat Nord) to Vichy
  • Cost: €100 million
  •  Funding: 100% APRR
  • Ebreuil partial junction: €3 million jointly financed by Allier General Council
Who does what?
  •  Contracting authority: APRR
  • Operations conducted by: APRR – Major investments and development department
  • Project manager: Egis France

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